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Yes, yes. Come closer…

Eren was no fool to the tricks of merpeople. He had lost too many good men to their fiendish ways. The glint in their mesmerizing eyes, the charming smile upon their lips, and the sweet sound of their voice was enough to drive anyone mad in disillusionment. Even the strongest of his crew were captivated by their beauty.

Even Mikasa.

The captain’s jaw tightened at the memory. Not this island, but only a few kilometers to the west lay another clan of merpeople. It was there, that his dearest friend since his beginnings of his piracy, lost herself in the allure of the sea creatures. By the time he had realized that she was hypnotized, it was too late. Pale, soft hands turned to claws and charming smiles to jaws of terror as they swarmed her boat and pulled her down beneath the dismal waters.

The sound of water being slapped on the surface hauled Eren from his thoughts. Teal orbs shot a glance to the sandy coastline as he saw the beast slowly being drawn by the gem.

But he had to be careful.

With a heavy breath, the captain took off his hat and held it to his chest and began walking out from behind the brush and towards the coastline. It may have seemed odd, to hide and then suddenly reappear so quickly, but Eren hoped that the creature would take it as a sign of respect. But something ate away at the back of the brunet’s mind. Why was there only one? Were the rest in hiding?

Perhaps this was a clan leader.

It was too good to be true, if in fact, this particular merman were a leader. Extracting a tear from this one would be far more difficult. But the the difficulty only made the tear more potent. 

His boots were parting the white sandy beaches as he took a few more steps forward until finally he was only standing a few feet away from mystical fellow. The scales that coated his tail were a marvelous color. Such a unique tint of teal would surely fetch a hefty price, once Eren had no more use for the idividual.

Crouching down before the other and with a gentle voice, the brunet called out, “I know of a clan that lives in these waters. Are you their leader?” He didn’t exactly expect a vocal answer; however, he knew they had to understand him to some degree…

The human appears, surprisingly, with his feathered tricorne clutched to his chest and marking himself almost…modest. If Jean were naïve enough to believe that were the case, anyway. The creature’s tail sways behind him, perhaps used to lure the man closer to his territory, just until he can really get a look at him. There truly is something that’s drawn Jean here but it’s not that shiny jewel still sitting out just a ways ahead of him.

He’s not close enough to be under threat. The merman thinks, watching through a gilted gaze as this pirate lowers himself down. His knees not touching the tempting waters, but close. So close, in fact, that Jean even contemplates reaching forward and dragging this dark-haired, bright-eyed being into his world just like others in his clan would; though he has the control not to let himself fall for the desire. Not yet.

His voice, Jean finds deceptive, but enchanting nonetheless. Pirates, it’s assumed, are nothing more than foul-mouthed barbarians, their speech often slurred and lined with rum. But this one, he speaks gently and though it’s a show, it’s captivating nonetheless.

The tailed creature’s eyes drift momentarily, as it’s all he’s allowed to be seen of his face above surface. It’s a distrustful flick of his eyes over to the small boat the pirate reached the shore on, before he’s back to meeting those vibrant orbs again.

Jean is the leader. This man is clearly the captain of bodies unaccounted for—but they’re here, he’s sure of that.

A wise man, he thinks, would not travel into the bay alone. Not if he valued his life.

Because a merman is no different from the maidens of their species and they do find these interesting creatures awfully…desirable in their own way.

He could answer him, if he wanted to, in human tongue. But instead, Jean emits a small noise under the dark cover of water. An air pocket rises before him, and in the blink of its disappearance, the sound of a soft tune breathes through the air about them; alluring in the way it’s akin to a sigh only much more transcendent. Meant to intrigue. 

Not quite his song, but merely an answer for the being before him. A test to see his response when he realizes Jean’s not about to play so easily. He wants to know one thing, still.

                                                               Why are you here

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If you’re a little weirded out by some random blog mentioning you in their post, I’m hxwkseye, crystallinetitan, and sovereixn. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Hello friends! I’m very sad to inform everyone that I will be going on a possibly 10 month or longer ‘semi’-hiatus starting at the beginning of August, 2014. This just means I’ll be gone weekdays and on every couple of weekends per month. I won’t be active on any account, but will be refilling queues and pestering old partners with asks and one liners if I have time/get the chance.

I’ve been in the RP community on Tumblr for almost three years now and I’ve never taken this long of a break before. I’ve had many blogs on Tumblr, many of which are now deleted or used for archive, but the people I have met here will forever be in my heart and mind, regardless of what blogs I use and do not use as of now. 

I’m not going away forever, and listed below are some ways you can contact me! (hover for the info) I’ll still be around on Tumblr on weekends and holidays, but even then most of my time will be spent on personal writing and not RP. 

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I Want Crazy


He indeed notices the questioning in his comrade’s eyes-the wonder as to why Marco seemingly backed down in the first place. Jean’s probably suspicious; wondering just what game Marco’s playing, considering just the day before he was anything but for the Screamer Project. Perhaps in the last few minutes, the brunet has grown up some-shown Jean that’s he’s not just all about fighting against him in every single thing he brought to the table; Marco too wants what’s best for the people and humanity as a whole.

Not to mention the fact that this is his way of apologizing. He was wrong for judging Jean like he had the day before, causing the blond to leave this boardroom in a huff. He’s demonstrating that he does have complete and utter respect for the commander of the Scouts, so long as he had passion and devotion for any and all plans brought forward. He’s more than proved that in this meeting, and before, too, but it’s taken Marco this long to get his head out of the clouds and realize that in reality, there’s going to have to be a compromise made. This seems like the best of the outcomes, so naturally, Marco put his hand in.

     "I’d like to stress the importance of stationing at the Castle even further since Eren will be involved. We don’t have complete control over his Titan form, either, so keeping him away from the public would be best so as not to cause alarm." His eyes remain cool and collected, despite the heat obviously radiating from the commander to Jean’s left and a few onlookers in the room. "I’m also asking for permission myself and a few of our most elite of soldiers to be stationed along with the Recon Corps in the outer walls during this project so Commander Kirstein and I can work closely and I can ensure everything is to my liking. Those select few and I will be the only ones with access to the information you share. I believe then, we have an agreement, do we not?"


But before the deal can officially be sealed, the moderator has one more point to make. "You do realize, Commander, that should you agree to these terms, there’s a very high chance the Scouting Legion will receive a majority of the funds offered in yesterday’s meeting?" It’s a good mention; Marco would have to delay his plans to update the equipment for his legion and put a hold on his renovations until after the project was completed. It’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make; the advances the military would make on this project were of utmost importance. "I’m aware of that, Sir, and therefore I would like to change my proposal from yesterday-I too am requesting any funds be donated to the Screamer Project."

And with that, it’s basically official. In a battle that’s two against one, the side with more ammunition will likely come out victorious.

The meeting continues on, and although the Garrison commander continues to show his distaste for the way this meeting has turned, he’s fighting a losing battle. Jean, Marco, and the moderator have basically already come to a conclusion that this meeting is over, so therefore, after letting the now louder of the bunch let loose some steam, the room is dismissed. Everyone slowly rises from their seats, and Marco’s team quickly returns to his side, awaiting further orders with rather curious looks as to just what was running through their leaders’ mind.

     "Now, now." Marco addresses his men, placing his hands on two some of their shoulders. "I’m pleased with the outcome of this meeting, so we should all go out and join the Scouts in their celebration. This is a big steps forward for humanity, and we’re getting one step closer to finding our freedom. Go on, all of you, you’re all dismissed.  I’ll be retiring to my office for a bit." Or rather, Marco feels that there’s still some unfinished business to take care of-more of a personal matter than anything.

Once his soldiers are out the door, chocolate hues move to gaze back at his fellow commander, wondering if Jean will indeed stick around today and get some answers to his questions.

Jean’s elite members are ecstatic. The same small blonde from yesterday is the one to approach her commander, voice her joys that the Screamer Project will go underway in the near future, that whatever Jean stopped and stayed behind to talk privately with the Chief about must have really paid off. If she was to go by the suddenly less tense atmosphere around the board today in comparison, that is.

Her commander, however, only nods and sighs a small hum as though to agree. But of course, Jean knows that was not the case at all, and he’s actually just as surprised as she is.

“It’s a good start, isn’t it?” He says, offering the girl a false smile meant to keep up the high spirits. “We’ve come to an understanding. It’d be an idea for you and the others to attend the celebrations later. Get to know some of the people you’ll be working with in future—all of you. But don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” Which, honestly, is probably the worst advice he could give by a good mile or so. Seeing as there really isn’t much Jean wouldn’t do. Seeing as his actions yesterday are anything but…above board, for finer terms.

But to what he says, his squad has caught wind and go on to ask, does that mean he won’t be attending the events as well?

And golden hues coast above his soldier’s head, spotting Marco’s members leaving the room—all but Marco himself, and he casts his glance back over his shoulder. Curiously checking on the man who has seriously surprised him today. He’s met with Marco’s gaze, presumably wondering if he intends to stay behind like yesterday; perhaps call him up on his sudden change of heart. “No, I won’t, ‘m afraid.” His formality slips, the commander’s aware and his men aren’t shocked to hear it. He really only puts on the voice for these things after all, makes him look a little less brash.

“I got some other things I need to take care of,” he explains quietly, ushering his soldiers forward and out of the room. He follows though, showing no indication to stay but he does leave Marco with one last deliberating throw of his eyes back to his own. Still skeptical, still doubtful, but undeniably curious to know what his game is.

It’s not a lie, however. The reason Jean gives his team for his absence in the upcoming festivities. He does have some things he intends to quell today, some answers he aims to receive.

It’s without a word spared that he, along with his accompanying members, leave the main boardroom of the Military Police and it’s unquestionable that Jean imagines his exit is anything but tacit in Marco’s mind. But there cannot be a repeat of yesterday…for the most part.

Some things Jean’s beginning to crave, though.

It’s a problem in this particular hound, he can’t just have a taste of something and be expected not to hunger for another bite. He will, and he certainly is.

But before that, ahead of his hankering for what had been left unfinished on the eve before, he needs to talk. And while he’s shown that he’s perfectly capable of doing so in relation to his goals, it’s what he’s kept buried for years he struggles to uncover all over again. Approach and resolve, like he should have done far, far too long ago.

Marco will get his talk. Just not here. 



eren did you just

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watch the city sail away

I Want Crazy


 Marco remains quiet throughout his comrade’s dialogue because in all honesty, he has no desire to argue anymore. Something deep within Marco notices the amount of passion put into Jean’s words; like he truly believes that this plan will work and be a step forward for humanity. For the first time in the past few days, Marco puts aside his and Jean’s personal differences and his passion for his own division to really listen to the other’s idea, and consider the outcome. It’s very true that capturing a Titan and observing it could bring light to some very helpful information; that’s not necessarily the problem here. Marco’s only concerned about the safety of the people within the walls.

So, he comes up with what he thinks to be a suitable compromise.


Everyone waits for his answer to his fellow commander’s question, thinking this will probably lead to another heated, borderline inappropriate discussion, but Marco purposefully keeps his eyes locked on the pair before him, seemingly in deep thought. His answer is probably going to come as a surprise to some.

     "Commander Kirstein." He begins, tone much calmer than that of his rival’s. "…you are familiar with the location of the perished Castle Utgard, correct?" The same castle that had been the location of one of the most brutal battles in the history of the walls-of which Marco knew much about because so many of his old friends, most of which were now enemies, were involved in the events that took place there. Although the castle itself no longer stands, it’s remains are still situated on the perimeter inside Wall Rose, a good ways away from any sort of civilization. "I believe that setting up camp in that area would be a wise decision, seeing as it’s far away from the main cities. It would be much safer to keep the Titan there-we would be able to station several soldiers between the two in case something goes wrong." The room is once again filled with noise, the onlookers realizing just what Marco is saying-he’s basically just changed his mind on the situation entirely.

     "Commander Bodt." The moderator interrupts, "are you implying that you are now for the Screamer Project if Commander Kirstein agrees to your relocating of the specimen?" It takes Marco a moment, but he eventually nods, hues not having left the one that came up with this plan in the first place. "I still have my doubts, and I’d like my men to be there every step of the way to assure the people are safe, but if the Commander is willing to share such information with the Police, then yes, I believe this this project is indeed crucial to humanity."

Chaos has suddenly erupted in that boardroom, especially from the Garrison commander, who’s now standing and speaking his mind, despite not having uttered a single syllable this entire time.  "Are you both insane?  Bringing a Titan in, isolated or not, is going to cause huge problems for all of us! What if…what if it can somehow summon more of it’s kind and we’re suddenly faced with another breach? How are we going to handle that, huh?" It’s to be expected that everyone is now having their doubts in the head of the Military Police for having changed his mind so quickly, but for once, Marco is confident in his decision.

     "I can see Commander Kirstein’s passion for this strategy. I say we give him our trust and let him show us the results." 

As the uproar begins among the rest of the men, Jean remains silent, shocked, his almost intense stare dropping into something a little more…astonished as he looks at the Chief. It takes a while but he eventually comes back to life with the realization that what he’s said has somehow gotten through to Marco; Marco actually listened to him. The commander’s brows knot together and although he says nothing, he bets the brunet can see the question written all over his face. Why? Is all that processes in his mind first, having expected a much fiercer battle to draw between them before they come to a compromise—and truthfully, Jean wasn’t expecting any kind of agreement to come at all.

Perhaps he’s better at the speeches than he thought.

Or maybe it’s Marco that’s made a change, he honestly doesn’t know. But Jean’s prompted to talk and he starts with, “Uh—” as he straightens himself up from the table, no longer looking about ready to pounce over the other side. The members want answers, Marco’s given him the floor once more, and Jean’s still trying to find his words and piece them together. He didn’t think he’d get this far. “Right,” his attention flicks to the Garrison official beside him, who’s looking at the commander dubiously. “Well…The point of these tests are so that Eren can manipulate its actions, movements, perhaps even its behavioral traits. As far as we know, the only two titans we’ve come across thus far who have been able to control the others at all are Eren himself, and, the Female Type titan.” Another pause, Jean decides he’s had enough of repeating himself. “As Commander Bodt said, this project is crucial to humanity, sir. I’d appreciate if you let me do my job instead of complicating it further.”

Or, sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. As he’d much prefer to put it.

Turning back to Marco, his palms sit on against the wood once more. “You understand why I’m hesitant to divulge such sensitive material?” He says, carefully. Knowing full well that Marco’s just done him a huge favor here and reluctant to throw it back in his face just as fast, his finger taps. “If your men are going to be working closely with mine on this project…I’d feel much more comfortable knowing any and all information spared will go to you personally. A…demonstration of trust on my behalf would be my faith in you and who it is you choose to relay the reports to. Do we have an agreement on terms, Chief?”

A show of his own fair-mindedness, the ability to put his hackles down if it means they get somewhere with this, Jean offers.

Though, he’s still not over the initial shock. Especially, all things considered, he’d given Marco plenty of reasons to make this meeting absolute hell for him if he truly wanted to. He can’t help but wonder what changed his tune, if it was just a ploy before he shoves the pie in his face…


But he can certainly keep his fingers crossed and hope otherwise. 

Start of Something Good


Marco averts his eyes, looking at his own shoes as to hide the small smile that has curved his lips. He feels—proud, sort of, at being called a white knight. Jean’s protector for the night, given the noble task of keeping his prince out of danger, away from all the less-than-subtle looks.

“Well, now that you’re begging me to…” He quashes the sudden feeling of possessiveness that curses through him at the idea. Sure, they came here together, but that means—that means nothing. Nothing at all. But Marco wants it to mean something. Marco wants it to mean that, at least for now, Jean is his.


Jean, in the book, is all potential energy and still waters. Here, the person standing before Marco moves almost unconsciously, hips swaying slightly, body vibrating with barely-contained energy. It’s a deviation from the character in his mind, Marco notices, and he’s thrilled! What other differences are there? “You only say that to make me feel better about this morning,” Marco retorts, meaning to sound coy and flirty but it probably came out whiny instead. “After all, you got to see me in my underwear first thing in the morning. Not many boys get to do that.” There, much better. That’s something Mark would say. The delivery could have probably be better, but it’s not bad. It’s been a long time since he’s wanted to impress someone as much as he wants to impress Jean right now.

Jean’s energy seems to have transferred to Marco. He’s now swaying along as well, mirroring Jean’s moves in a mimicry of dance. He tries to keep a serious, seductive face, eyes a little bit squinty to give him a mysterious air, but a smile manages to slip out as he voices what he’s been thinking. “You are very restless. You just can’t stop moving, can you?” He thinks back on the entire day, and he doesn’t remember seeing Jean just. Stop. At all. “I bet I could make you sit still.”

Wait. That didn’t come out right.  

“Oh, y’mean when I couldn’t get enough o’ your legs, this mornin’. That this mornin’, right?” He throws back, attempting to sit a hand in his back pocket. Soon to realize he’s not wearing jeans but these fancy black pants with fake ones in their place and lets his arm drop back down in defeat. “Lucky me, ah?” Jean snickers behind his drink, almost skeptical about Marco’s sudden boost in confidence and character though he says nothing about it. Waiting to see where this goes.  

He hasn’t stopped moving even when he takes another swig. Looking over the brim to notice his subconscious swaying is being copied, Marco’s practicing some sort of new expression on his features, but that grins giving him away. Jean hums, agreeing that he is—in a word—restless, and reveals another one of his half-smirks from behind his cup.

What Marco says certainly piques his interests, quirks a brow, and only encourages the blond to keep moving. “Oh yeah?” He challenges, arms out to his sides in a way that just dares the brunet to follow up on his words. That smirk only grows, hips continue to sway slightly, “I’d love t’ see ya try, Marco.”

Jean has a bit of a habit when it comes to bets. Even if the chances are against him, he’s just got to test his so-called luck and strive for victory. Today, especially, he would say he’s been quite the fortunate one. Admittedly, he’s curious to find out how Marco intends to keep his motions still, now that he’s purposefully keeping his frame on the move, taunting the other to take him on.

“You’d be a first, I mean.” he teases, provoking all the more. 

paraktes: "Oi Eren," it's that time again, children, look away, "Are you a piece of art? 'Cause I'd sure like t' nail you against the wall."


The brunet had been mid-step and on the way to the kitchen, when he heard the other call out. In hindsight, he should have known what was about to be thrown his way, judging by the prominent smirk he could hear in his voice, and yet he found himself thrown off guard. Surprised, pleasantly so, even though on the outside he managed nothing but a dark scowl and a purse of lips. Maybe even tight-gritted teeth were showing, but he wasn’t so sure, as he was too preoccupied with glaring at the taller boy.

“Nice try, Kirstein.”, Eren called over, though his face gave away that he wasn’t even the slightest bit impressed. “But you might wanna start trying harder.” Turned on his heels without sparing Jean another glance and maybe the way he swung his hips wasn’t entirely unintentional.